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In all industrialized countries, most meat, chicken, and dairy products contain growth hormones (foreign estrogens), that are used by farmers to increase profits and at the expense of your health.

These synthetic estrogens are then deposited in our fatty tissues and on hormone receptor sites, where they have been shown to interfere in the proper utilization and production of natural progesterone & natural estrogen. They have also been shown to promote other more serious health problems, unique to women.

How can I protect myself?

First, replace commercially grown meat, poultry & dairy with “hormone-free, antibiotic-free, pestcide-free” meat & dairy. It is also of great value to “Eat Right for Your Bloodtype”. Granted, this make take some discipline, however, it is worth the effort.

Second, replace personal care products made with petroleums (petro-chemicals) with personal care products that are “all plant-based”. Since there are more than 100,000 petro-chemicals used in personal care products, a list of what to avoid would be impossible. Simply, make sure the label says: “All-Plant Based”.

By way of suggestion, some highly beneficial super-foods for everyone are:

* Green Tea
* Romaine Lettuce
* Kale
* Beets & Beet Greens
* Parsley
* Plums
* Black Walnuts

* Essene Bread (manna)
* Olive Oil

* Cod
* Salmon