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The majority of other essential oils, even those labeled as USDA organic and therapeutic grade, are extracted using very high heat, high pressure, chemical solvents and multiple distillation of the same plant material. Although the final product may still smell like the plant, these harsh processing methods destroy the therapeutic qualities of the oils.


Additionally, there is a very high risk that what you’re purchasing is not even an essential oil. The FDA only requires an ‘essential oil’ to be 5% plant extract. The other 95% of the contents can be a toxic perfume synthesized to smell like an essential oil, while still allowing the label to say 100% pure. Many essential oils on the market today, regardless of labeling calms have large amounts of harmful chemical fillers that ARE toxic to the human body! Yuck!


In a world where many corporations and people have compromised their integrity for the sake of profit, Young Living, for the past 23+ years, has always held to the highest standards of pristine, transparent farming practices. The ‘Seed to Seal process isn’t just a slogan, it’s their global passion. This quality process sets them apart from all the other essential oil companies that we looked into and even previously used ourselves.  For these reasons and many more, we choose Young Living’s Essential Oils and oil infused support products For Life!


Now that we sacred you ready for some good news? Essential oils that are properly grown, harvested and distilled are an awesome compliment to your daily routine. Swapping out all the toxic chemicals for authentic, therapeutic grade essential oils has never been so fun and easy. Start your journey by visiting our Essential Oil page to see how you can start supporting you and your family today.

Also visit our lifestyle pages to get more education on Young Living’s quality assurance, recipes, and our top must have essential oils, supplements, personal and animal care. Curious about how to order? Check out our Lets Get Started page!